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Our team of hair extension beauty experts is ready to help you with your custom hair extensions order. Details such as length, application type, texture, color, will all be accounted for to match your vision. These are sewn by us and hand-made especially for you, which ensures that your look will be natural. Customizing your extensions is a great way to ensure that the colors you choose will be the best match for you! With so many options, you have a wide range of colors to choose from and how you would like them for your hair. When you are satisfied with the finished product, we will offer you advice on how to apply, care for and style your new additions so that you can best maintain your new look!


Customized clip-in extensions are a great way to add allure and volume to hair, especially for guests with finer hair. Customized clip-in extensions are something that our store has been making for years, and we have a breadth of knowledge in this particular type. This clip method has been dominant in the market and there is good reason that it has been around for so many years. 



This method of enhancing your hair utilizes an adjustable wire that securely fits and lays on your head like a “halo.” The Halo extensions are able to stay on without clips or bindings because of the miracle wire and your hair is pulled through to disguise the thin wire. The result is a perfect fit with no movement of the extensions and a completely natural look. 

Depending on how often the piece is worn as well as the care it is given, it should be lasting up to 9 months or longer. With these, you can beautifully transform your look with the rich fullness, silky texture and stylish design you have always dream about. Halo extensions provide a transformative look in minutes, as the application of being fitted takes no time. As this causes no damage to the natural hair, this method is extremely compatible for individuals with very fine hair, growing out damaged hair, or thinning hair on the top. You can enjoy longer, fuller hair immediately while their own hair can grow simultaneously. 


Ponytail extensions consist of a strip of hair sewn together, which is sized to fit around your own ponytail. The hair color is custom blended for a perfect match.  Any color including highlights, lowlights, and/or ombre can be created.  The ponytail density can be made to be thinner for a natural look or thicker for a big, bold look. Our team will match your hair color, texture, style, desired length and measurements so that the ponytail is comfortable, matches perfectly and looks completely natural.



The Machine Tied Silky Straight is always a stylist favorite because the weft can be cut and adjusted to create many desired styles.  This popular style is easy to manage because of the high-quality grade of hair that is being used.  Stand out and extend your beautiful hair or get that color you’ve always wanted.



The Machine-Tied Body Wave is a stylist’s dream come true.  While providing natural movement and body, this style can be used to create many different looks.  Stylists absolutely love the machine-tied weft because the design allows for almost seamless integration.  The lightweight weft does not create a bulky look, so the style will easily be seen while providing a natural and beautiful look



The Hand-Tied Silky Straight is a timeless classic in the Bohyme Luxe Collection.  Stylists can easily style and maintain this look for their clients.  The Silky Straight offers a versatile style that can help create endless amounts of exquisite looks.  The Hand-Tied Silky Straight has an intricate and durable weft, which helps to create a less invasive and more natural look.



The Hand-Tied Body Wave is a stylist’s dream come true. While providing natural movement and body, this style can be used to create many different looks. Stylists absolutely love the hand-tied weft because the design allows for almost seamless integration. The lightweight weft does not create a bulky look, so the style will easily be seen while providing a natural and beautiful look.



I-Tip hair extensions are a method of extensions in which installation is achieved with a strand-by-strand application. I-Tip extensions are attached to the clients' hair through a looping tool and utilize high-quality beads with protective silicone lining. These beads are gentle on the hair and flawlessly keep each hair extension strand in place. These extensions guarantee volume, length, and versatility, all while being free of chemicals, glue, and heat. These are perfect for seamlessly lengthening and/or thickening short and/or thin hair. 



Tape-in extensions are one of the newest popular hair extension trends on the market. They consist of thin tape wefts that get “taped-in” in between your own hair, which is both secure and comfortable. This method is 100% natural and free of tools and chemicals. This tape-in method lasts for up to three months, and the hair is reusable. The removal process is quick, simple, and leaves your hair undamaged— so that your hair is always ready for reapplication or to try something else
Bohyme® Skin Weft come with 10 bundles (strips) of 100% Remi® human hair.

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