Customized Extensions

Susan Park

Posted on April 20 2019

Customized Hair Extensions


Hair extensions are a great way to get longer fuller hair instantly.  Customized extensions let you choose the length, application type, texture, color to match your vision. These are hand-made, sewn at Unlimitedextensions.


Customized Clip-ins:

Clip-ins extensions are one of the easiest application methods; where wefts of hair are applied using small clips.  The customized extensions will blend in seamlessly with your own hair; extensions will blend naturally with your own hair as you move. 


Customized Halos:

One of the newest method in extensions. This method utilizes an adjustable wire that securely fits and lays on your head like a “halo.”  The hair is pulled through to disguise the thin wire.  The Halo extensions are able to stay on without clips or bindings because of the miracle wire.  The result is a perfect fit with no movement of the extensions and gives a completely natural look.


Customized Ponytails: 

Ponytail extensions consist of a strip of hair sewn together, which is sized to fit around your own ponytail. The hair color is custom blended for a perfect match.  Any color including highlights, lowlights, and/or ombre can be created.  The ponytail density can be made thinner for a natural look or thicker for a big, bold look. 


Best of all, you don't need to visit salons every time you need to add volume or add length, you can take care of it yourself, save time! And taking care of them is also easy.  Extensions are not attached to your scalp, it will not create oils so you do not need to wash them often, extensions can be washed after 15-20 wears.


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Customized Extensions
Customized Extensions

By Susan Park On 20 , 04, 2019


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