Videos : Bohyme Episodes

We begin our series with an introduction to Mette Menotti of World Hair System in Chicago. Mette shares a little bit about her journey into the world of hair and why she chose Bohyme® to join her in the quest to help those suffering from hair loss.

In Episode 2: The True Origins of Remi®, we discuss how Bohyme’s founder trademarked the term and revolutionized the way the hair is sourced, processed, and used over 40 years ago. You’ll discover what real Remi is, it's true origins, and why it sets Bohyme apart. Industry Fact: It’s REMI, not Remy

In Episode 3 - Selecting Quality Extensions, Mette highlights how to select good quality hair like an industry veteran. Get her insider tips for determining the quality and true length hair, from root-to-tip! Does your hair past the test?

In Episode 4 We focus on Bohyme’s Mission of moving towards sustainable beauty, removing water waste, and emphasizing the artistry and craftsmanship of our stylists and distributors.

In Episode 5 We focus on Bohyme’s versatile weft designs and superiority when it comes to flat design, wearability, and versatility in custom hair installations. The differences between Bohyme Seamless Wefts, Machine-Tied Wefts, and Hand-Tied Wefts are highlighted.

In Episode 6 We focus on Bohyme’s versatile Essential Collection offering the DIY styling options of clip-in extensions, tape-in extensions, and halo extensions - along with a standout product to make tape-ins super easy to use!

In Episode 7 We focus on Bohyme’s 7pc Clip-In Extensions: How to use them properly, the trick to attaching them so they don’t slide, and how-to avoids breakage when applying.


In Episode 8 we thoughtful demonstrate why Bohyme Hand-Tied hair extensions are ideal for all types of hair, even fine hair, and how easy they are to customize for an exact color blend. This very detailed, step-by-step tutorial illustrates why Bohyme Luxe is simply the best brand out there for professionals. Our insightful and fast installation method also offers minimal contact points and zero visible micro-links. *

In Episode 9 we highlight how Bohyme’s revolutionary Seamless Weft extensions can easily and dramatically add volume and length. This detailed step-by-step installation tutorial features a trademarked attachment process and unique placement methodology to avoid natural hair damage and unwanted microlink movement. This is truly one of the most informative extension installation videos out there!  

In Episode 10 we highlight the professionally revered Bohyme Luxe Lace-Front Wig and the transformational ways it can be custom applied and styled. This detailed, step-by-step installation tutorial features the undetectable quality, breathability and comfort fit of Bohyme Luxe.

In Episode 11 we highlight Bohyme’s quest to help individuals suffering from thinning hair and baldness

In Episode 12 we highlight Mette Menotti's experiences and professional recommendations for developing a career in the world of hair replacement and hair extensions.

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