Color Matching Service

As you may assume, ordering hair online can be frustrating. Hair colors can be tricky, and the process is not as black and white when we’re not able to match the hair colors in person. Knowing this, we have arranged two options to match your hair color online, both tailored to helping you choose the right shade.



You can order a color ring off of our website, and we will include a prepaid return envelope in your package along with the color ring. With a color ring, you will be able to have a diverse arrangement of all our hair colors and directly match it to your hair to choose the right shade. This takes the guess work out of matching, and makes for a great color matching experience! You can choose more than one color if applicable, and you will email us the color(s) you choose. Once you find your color, you will return the ring and get a full refund.



Send us pictures of your hair in natural light! Tips: avoid direct sunlight, any edits, nighttime/flash photography for the best representation of your hair color. We recommend you take multiple photos (e.g. one from the front, side, and back). Our color experts will work on matching your hair and starting your product!

If you are having any trouble or would just like some additional support, you can connect with us at

Disclaimer: We hope you understand that we cannot guarantee that the color matches are  perfect. However, we can guarantee our expertise and best effort in finding you the right color. If you are not satisfied with your match, we can work to get that figured out!

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